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Accomplish More

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LIGHTSTREAM is a full-service agency that enables financial institutions, healthcare providers, and universities to accomplish more with their marketing and advertising. Whether it’s our proven brand-building process that increases institutional value, well-conceived marketing plans that reach business goals, or strategically sound execution of digital and print components, we help our clients rise above their competitors.


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We offer a full spectrum of agency services:

Branding + Strategy

If you need an experienced partner to help you rebrand your organization or develop your annual marketing plan, we’re ready.

Digital + Print

If you need a partner to work seamlessly with your internal resources on an ongoing basis to produce great digital and print campaigns and components, we’re ready for that too.


If you need a cost-effective website that enhances your brand and supports your specific objectives, our full-service design/development team can help.

No matter your need, we have a business model and pricing
structure that will allow you to achieve more for less.


Different From Others. Right For You.

Our breadth and depth of experience, flexible business model, and cost-efficiency mean you can achieve
better results and stretch your marketing budget further.

Within the industries we serve, we’re further along the learning curve than practically any other advertising and marketing agency. This means we understand your business goals, we’re familiar with the services you offer, we can reach your target audiences, and once we have their attention, we know what to say to drive results.

Every business day, we work with your peers across the nation. We attend the same conferences you do. Plus, we apply what we have learned from other industries. This means we know what works and what doesn’t. And we’re willing to share our knowledge.

With in-house strategists, project managers, writers, designers, web developers, and print and digital specialists, we create coordinated campaigns that seamlessly integrate our clients’ advertising and branding across all traditional and emerging channels – paid, owned, and earned. This means that with one call or email you can initiate the development and execution of a comprehensive marketing plan or a cohesive, stand-alone digital and/or print campaign.

Do you need help developing your marketing plan? Or do you need skilled managers and creative talent to execute a plan you’ve developed? Rely on us to do either, or both, as needed. Unlike other agencies that make you fit the way they do business, we adapt to your needs.

Whether you need assistance with branding and strategy, execution of campaigns, and/or ongoing production work, you’ll find that we are much less expensive than other agencies with equivalent levels of experience. This means you can accomplish more with your budget.

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